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Safety and Training

Garneau places a high priority on safety, having safety officers onsite and maintaining an ongoing safety program to meet industries' expanding requirements, whether it is in the shop or in the field.

In fulfilling a commitment to protect both people and property, management provides and maintains a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements, and strives to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which could result in property damage, accidents or personal injury/illness.

All employees are equally responsible for minimizing accidents within the facility. Safe work practices and procedures are clearly defined in a safety manual that employees are required to follow.

All management functions comply with policy safety requirements as they relate to planning, operations, and maintenance of facilities and equipment. All employees perform their jobs properly in accordance with established procedures and safe work practices.

Due to ongoing changes to the safety regulations and codes and to assure our due diligence as well as staying compliant with our clientele we are a member of the following pre qualification sites:





The various certifications that Garneau holds in good standing are as follows:

  1. Alberta Boiler Safety Association
  2. British Columbia Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Program
  3. Saskatchewan Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Unit
  4. Canadian Welding Bureau
  5. Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
  6.  Manufacturers' Health and Safety Association of Alberta

Compliance Certifications

Certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau, and Boiler Branches of Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan assures quality and compliance in supplying a full range of piping, structural, mechanical and vessel fabrication, construction, repair and modifications:

      1. Conduct Performance Qualification Testing of Pressure Welders and Machine Welding Operators AOQP-7161
      2. Construct ASME Section VIII-1 Pressure Vessels
      3. Construct Miniature Pressure Vessels in accordance with CSA B51
      4. Construct, Repair/Alter ASME B31.1 Power Piping and ASME B31.3 Process Piping
      5. Construct, Repair/Alter ASME B31.1 Boiler External Piping
      6. Repair/Alter ASME Section I Power Boilers, ASME Section IV Heating Boilers and ASME Section VIII-1 Pressure Vessels
      7. CSA W47.1 Division 2.1
      8. COR 20080115-6350

Garneau's quality assurance department has documented and certified quality control systems in place and all systems are regularly audited and reviewed by management and regulators.

The certifications maintained by Garneau allows for bidding and contract work for all major refinery, oil sands, and plant upgrader work.


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Committed to Safety. Committed to Quality. Committed to Our Employees.
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