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Garneau is an integrated upstream and midstream construction services provider to the energy and resource industry, covering the extent of the product, life-cycle and geographic spectrums of its clients' projects.

Garneau provides custom fabrication and modularization for a full range of applications for industrial contracting. The majority of the applications are summarized as follows:

Facility Infrastructure Services

  • Custom and structural steel construction

  • Modular facility construction in partnership with other companies

  • Petroleum equipment services (steel pressure vessels, tanks, oil and natural gas separators)

  • Detail drafting, estimating, project engineering and custom design

Fabrication and installation of oil sand and heavy oil processing plants is the most important growth aspect for Garneau. The key to Garneau's success in this service area is its experience through successful, major capital expansion and modular projects in Alberta such as Petro-Canada (Strathcona Conversion Project) and Shell (Scotford Expansion 1 Project). Garneau's full-cycle commitment provides virtually single-source services covering concept, design, development, fabrication and installation. The services area also includes to a lesser extent, the assembly of above ground oil and natural gas process piping and equipment.

Custom and Structural Steel Construction

Custom and structural steel fabrication projects typically consist of the welding and assembly of drilling rigs, including the mast, mud tanks, substructures, moving systems, compressor buildings, platforms and decks as well as services for the construction of upgrader facility components. The customers in this product category vary the most of any of the others and are usually oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, chemical plants and specialty markets.

Garneau's design team offers a level of expertise uncommon in the industry by providing operator friendly designs and creating a superior product through expertise of purchasing, drafting and fabrication. Once the design is prepared, the fabrication team completes the project and endeavors to exceed customer requirements by providing shorter delivery times, exceptional internal quality assurance throughout the fabrication and assembly process, and most of all safety for our employees and projects.

Garneau keeps competitive in this area by using the latest in equipment including a beam drill line system and plasma cutters.

Modular Facility Construction

Garneau performs fabrication and installation work for a range of oil and gas facilities, including individual site work, and process gas and oil plant facilities, upgrader facilities and expansion projects. The type of work involved typically consists of erecting structures and conducting various welding activities and fabrication of metal buildings and installation work in partnership with other companies, utilizing the latest welding techniques for skids, boxes and flare stacks.

Petroleum Equipment Services

Garneau designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes a wide array of production equipment, located in Alberta, for the petroleum, natural gas processing, and mining industries including pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, oil and natural gas separators and complete processing systems.

Detail Drafting, Estimating, Project Engineering and Custom Design

Garneau overseas a team of experienced professionals with design expertise in various aspects of structural steel fabrication and erection. Garneau works with several consulting firms which are well qualified with many years of experience in structural steel and design, welding and fabrication engineering, lifting procedures, quality standards and erection engineering. As a result of utilizing a variety of experienced and knowledgeable design teams, Garneau is able to assist its customers efficiently by optimizing their designs, incorporating the latest engineering, fabrication and erection advances.


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